meditations on living/dancing in the moonlight

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we call it reflection

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points of

contact, conduct

wanted and

wanting, the spaces

between and within

liminal, phases

catch a breath

or a ride or just

moments of joy

moments, the onus


on us, always —

appreciate what you have

while you have it, slipping

like sand, fingertips

skinny-dipping at sunset


It’s a journey, that’s for sure.

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  1. It’s not something that anyone else can do for you.
  2. Inner turbulence is not a sign that you need to take action. Inner turbulence is a sign that you need to be still. In silence, we can truly hear. …

all life is mystery



adventures in

beautiful, heartfelt


softly, slowly, caressing —

so when you feel the urge

to rush, to do, to fill

some imaginary — or not imaginary —


the best thing you can do is

stop, breathe

and be gentle with yourself.

ask, what’s really going on here?

kindly, and with compassion

for the parts of yourself that have yet to come home.

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we are skin and bone and flesh

in transit

so darling — bon voyage

float away into the abyss

try as we might,

there are some things that can’t be

explained or understood

so why try?

put down your armour —


the only person you were fighting

was yourself.

what if it didn’t have to hurt?

wanted: [i’m] wanting & willing to do/be more

and unravel everything I ever thought I ‘knew’ about the world:

this is the work. this is the real work.

watch it/this/me unfold…

or not.

I’m not here for your entertainment. This is not a spectacle.

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Do you even want to be known?

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stop thinking / just write

being known requires you to be seen


being seen is ‘scary’


maybe it’s easier not to be.

but since when do we do things that are easy?

or at least -

since when do we aim…

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Often, when I look to put pen to paper and write, it’s hard to know what to say.

I feel compelled to reel off truisms.

To share what many of us already know, but perhaps need reminding of.

To share what I need to hear myself. What I tell myself…

we’re going back to basics today

to poetry, to flow

to yearning

to cobblestones and window panes

to sitting with pain

and just watching it

just breathing softly

this is it and this is everything and this is nothing

at all.

we live in a cutthroat world / or at…

When are we going to care enough?

“What are you doing with your life?”

The title of a multi-million selling book; also, an enquiry I use to hold myself accountable.

Day in, day out. ‘The grind’. The slog. Inertia. Are you languishing (too)?

At work and in the world more broadly, we know that our ways of…

Rachel Clifton

Perennially irreverent. Gently fierce. Fiercely loving. A thing of beauty, work of art & human being, just like you.

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