Rachel Clifton

all life is mystery



adventures in

beautiful, heartfelt


softly, slowly, caressing —

so when you feel the urge

to rush, to do, to fill

some imaginary — or not imaginary —


the best thing you can do is

stop, breathe

and be gentle with yourself.

ask, what’s really going on here?

kindly, and with compassion

for the parts of yourself that have yet to come home.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

we are skin and bone and flesh

in transit

so darling — bon voyage

float away into the abyss

try as we might,

there are some things that can’t be

explained or understood

so why try?

put down your armour —


the only person you were fighting

was yourself.

what if it didn’t have to hurt?



Rachel Clifton

Rachel Clifton

Perennially irreverent. Gently fierce. Fiercely loving. A thing of beauty, work of art & human being, just like you.