A love letter to my resentments.

Trust me, I have a lot of them. ;)

Rachel Clifton
3 min readNov 8, 2022


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I am resentful.

I want to name that.

Because as soon as I do, my feelings — this feeling — has no power over me.

I laugh at it.

I laugh with it.

Like, how ridiculous is this?

To be wasting time & energy on petty things like being pissed off with the world & its inhabitants.

So adorable. So silly.


“Fuck you, you wronged me, you’re an asshole”, and…

I don’t give a shit anymore.

(Getting pissed off about someone else’s behaviour and — perhaps — deficiencies? So futile! So banal! SO GODDAMNED CUTE!)

Let’s all laugh & cry together.

I guarantee that we’ll ALL be able to breathe a little easier.

I am an expert at state-shifting.

I am an expert at alchemising painful emotions.

I am an expert at choosing how I want to feel & becoming that person very, very, very quickly — usually before the other person has caught up.

Because most of us try (& fail) to circumvent this process by lying to ourselves. And when we lie to ourselves, we disconnect from ourselves.

Truth will save (& destroy) us all.

Here’s what I’ve learned about this process:

Until I acknowledge what’s real & true for me in that moment

(And let myself FEEL whatever is alive — the full extent, the full spectrum, the full, unadulterated experience; no holds-barred, no holding back, complete the fucking circuit/cycle… rage, grief, hurt, betrayal, heartbreak…)



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