Safety is an inside job.

You get to do this your way, at your pace.

Rachel Clifton


Because that’s what safety is. It’s yours to feel & own. It’s your life, after all.

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The cornerstone of my work is — and has been — creating pleasure in safety, and safety in pleasure.

But first, you need safety.

First, we all need safety.

Safety comes first.

And safety is not something that anyone else can give us.

Safety is an inside job.

Safety is something that starts, ends & deepens when we learn [how] to trust, be with, tend to, advocate for, and LOVE ourselves unflinchingly. From the inside-out.

When nothing is off-limits, everything is sacred.

When nothing is shameful, everything has a rightful place.

Here’s my Victory Log.

Here’s how I’ve been able to create safety for myself.

Here’s how I’ve been able to alchemise my deepest wounds into love, joy, revelation & liberation.

Here’s how I live. Not just survive.

Here’s how I’ve learned HOW to thrive.

(This is not a cute set of inspirational quotes. Read my story here)


I am the woman who managed to change her attachment style from disorganised to (pretty damned) secure, as an adult.

Shared with permission :)

I am the woman who learned to communicate her wants & needs congruently, with legitimacy, and with every inch of her animal body on board, after spending the first 20+ years of her life at odds (and often actively AT WAR) with herself.

I am the woman who is able to say how she feels with so much depth, feeling, clarity & power, and is loved & appreciated for it by the people she loves.



Rachel Clifton

Perennially irreverent. Gently fierce. Fiercely loving. A thing of beauty, work of art & human being, just like you.